Become a Crorepati in Stock market with Less than

50K Investment

Tip providers (they call them as Advisers) do not trade in their personal accounts? W H Y ? Simply NOT CONFIDENT on thier own advises. Still they Recommend for others. Reason: IGNORANCE of value of Money. 

I would like to be as/an icon for CROREPATI, Hence I started filling My own Trade Book with LIVE trades. 

I believe only Risk and Return are proportionate and my trades are based on the same logical strategies. Hence OPTIONS are best suitable financial tools for me to achieve my goal. If you like my attitude to become CROREPATI, you can follow to enjoy the benefit. If you are quite opposite to me towards CROREPATI, simply feel when i loose my money and enjoy that you are not one of them looser(s). 

Let us start the show and allow the number to TALK...

Thank you